Ken and me

Ken and me

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Parent comes in and wants her son's results from the middle grades writing test. She is informed by me through the counselor clerk (who called my room while I was teaching) that I already gave those scores to the students on 3-24 and had the students sign for them. The students, by signing, agreed to take the scores home to their parents.
This parent wanted me to stop my class, go to the copy machine and make her a new copy. She was told by me via phone that I had already given the scores out, but if her son reminded me in the morning to make a new copy, I certainly would. She had a coniption fit! She told the counselor clerk that I needed to remind myself. She was completely nasty and rude.
Now, I did what I was supposed to do. Why is this parent not holding her SON accountable for not bringing home those scores? It's asinine!
The WORST thing in our society at this moment??? A lack of personal responsibility and the parents' inexcusable neglect of teaching personal responsibility to their kids!!! It makes me sick.

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