Ken and me

Ken and me

Monday, June 28, 2010

Life Turns on a Dime...

I was thinking today how life turns on a dime... With the two car accidents that happened this weekend-- where TWO people I know were affected-- I realized that there IS no promise of tomorrow. Who would have ever thought that a 17-year-old girl could be gone in an instant? That her life would be snuffed out so quickly... Who would have thought that a family man, a newlywed, a man who had recently found love again could be wiped out in a crazy vehicle accident... where a tree fell in the road because of a storm. Freak accident. My preacher said that life is sometimes stranger than fiction. How true... I guess the moral of this lame attempt in writing is to urge everyone-- myself included-- to tell your people how much you love them... to never take for granted life and years. We have no guarantee of tomorrow.

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