Ken and me

Ken and me

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ms. Kat's Field Peas... and other Southern stuff...

Ya'll ever had a good pot of field peas with snaps? I go to church with a lady that I call Ms. Kat who delivers this manna from Heaven at every church dinner... I suwanee, if I could jar these things and sell them, I'd be richer than that there Microsoft man! What a blessed day it was when she gave me the pot of leftover peas as I was walkin' out the church door, and she said, "Hunney, just take the rest of 'em home with ya!" Feasting on 'em right now, and they're what inspired this blog! Next, remember the song that came out a few years ago by some band who I can't remember... the song proclaimed that on the "eighth day, God made sweet tea..." I bet people in the other parts of this good old U S of A were completely clueless as to why someone would sing about a drink. We all know that the other parts of the country are clueless to the divine greatness of sweet tea! Of course, our own Billy Currington writes about his ma-- Ms. Belle-- and her "sweet tea." I wonder how many other non-alcoholic drinks have had songs written about them... Also on the list of simply Southern delights... boiled peanuts. Now, most people in this area pronounce them, "bald peanuts." (It's that southern twang!) I do say "boy-uld"... you know... almost with 2 syllables. Either way, though, anyone who was raised down here knows that, on some days, nothing takes the place of some good boiled peanuts! We even have a festival about them... up the road a piece, in Brooklet. Of course they have it every year in August-- hottest month of the summer season! They'd probably get a lot more people in attendance if they'd hold it in April or October. Just a suggestion... Of course, they ain't callin' me askin' me for my input! Finally, of all Southern things to write about... the MOST southern is... Well, what do YOU think? Respond and let me know what simply Southern thing you can't live without!

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